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Food Platters, Bakery Trays & Desserts

Whether you’re looking for catering for an occasion or a night off cooking, we have party trays that will suit all your needs. Customizable and always fresh, our trays are a must at your next event!


Cedarbrook Bakery and Deli assembles the finest deli trays in Langley, BC with countless options to choose from. For options high in protein, there are appetizer trays, meat trays, cheese trays, meat and cheese trays, sandwich trays and more. Cedarbrook Deli also offers a vast selection of vegetarian platters including fruit trays, vegetable trays and a tasty 7-layer dip tray. Each of our deli platters and appetizer trays is prepared with the highest quality ingredients. Most styles of deli trays have three different sizes available so that you will be able to keep any number of guests satisfied.



Similar to deli and appetizer trays, bakery trays are a wonderful way to enhance any type of event or gathering. Bakery platters such as cupcake trays, assorted pastry trays, assorted dessert trays, breakfast trays and cookie trays are guaranteed to amaze your guests. Bakery and dessert trays are great for cocktail parties, bridal showers, weddings, corporate events and house parties. With plenty of options and sizes available, hosting your next successful event or gathering begins with the perfect dessert or bakery tray from Cedarbrook
Bakery and Deli.